Health Consultation

As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Hil works with individuals to address their unique health issues and concerns.  Using a holistic approach that encompasses the mind, body and spirit, she works to identify the root cause of symptoms to promote change and facilitate healing. Along with food, a variety of other modalities are incorporated into every unique healing plan including supplementation, Ayurveda, herbal medicine, energy medicine and movement.  The goal is simple: to work hand-in-hand towards helping you reconnect with your body in order to create lasting change.

Meal Planning

Let’s face it, sometimes even just thinking about what to make and eat can be overwhelming.  Hil is here to make that stress non-existent.  With your health concerns and goals in mind, Hil creates customized meal plans to meet your specific needs.  Complete with shopping lists, recipes and tips, these meal plans make it extremely easy to nourish your body with what it needs and allows you to direct your newfound vibrant energy elsewhere. 

Recipe Development

The kitchen is Hil's happy place and she is most at home with her sleeves rolled up and a stocked pantry at the ready.  With a deep love for experimenting, crafting and working on new methods, flavour profiles and ingredients, Hil works to make the most nourishing, flavorful and balanced creations.  Do you have a favourite recipe that needs a make-over?  Or a product that you’d like to see showcased in a new way? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


From smoothies to adaptogens and creating elixirs, Hil loves talking all things health and wellness, giving tutorials, cooking demos and meeting people.  If you have an event and are interested in learning more about healthy, vibrant and transformational foods, lets chat!